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How to Choose The Right Paper And Finish For Your Business Card?

Business cards can be made out of all sorts of materials, but paper tends to be the gold standard that everyone prefers for the most part. There is a pretty good chance that you will need to optimize your selection process in order to make it so that you can choose the right paper and finish for your business card. First things first, let’s take a look at the paper options that you can check out, since there are at least two that are worth mentioning.

Generally speaking, business cards are printed on either fourteen point or sixteen point card stock. This refers to how many percentage points of an inch the card will be in terms of thickness. Fourteen point card stock is about 0.14 inches, and sixteen point card stock is 0.16 inches. The truth of the situation is that you should go for the latter rather than the former if you want Metal Kards that will last a really long time. This is because of the fact that sixteen point card stock is thicker and therefore more durable, and what’s more is that it gives your business cards a firmer feel that would be perceived as more premium to boot!

Metal Kards

As for the finish, the fact of the matter is that you should try to opt for a matte finish if it is at all feasible for you. Matte finishes have a rougher texture, and that gives them the added advantage of being completely immune to fingerprints. Some might say that glossier finishes are the way to go, but they generally lead to your business cards getting covered in so many fingerprints that no one will be able to read what is written on them

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