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Switching Electric Suppliers – How Does It Work

Pennsylvania’s deregulated energy market is giving consumers the power to choose their own electricity supplier. These companies offer competitive plans with different perks, benefits and rates that can save you money on your monthly energy bill. But how does it work? Read on to find out!

There are over 100 electricity providers that can service your home or business in PA, with many offering competitive rates. Some of these are small municipal-based companies that help their community by keeping their profits local. Others are large national companies with a diverse range of plans for customers to choose from. The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission oversees the state’s energy market and issues licenses to suppliers. The PUC also audits providers and enforces laws related to energy production, distribution, and sale.

The main function of your utility company is to maintain and operate the infrastructure that delivers electricity to your homes. These include poles, lines and transformers that deliver electricity safely through your power line each month. They are responsible for all maintenance and issues like power outages and power line problems.

However, your utility will still bill you for the cost of distributing ppl electric to your house each month. This is called the “Price to Compare” (PTC) rate and it is set by holding auctions twice a year for the lowest priced source of electricity. Prices are then approved by the PUC.

As a result, the PTC rate can vary from month to month. The best way to avoid surprises on your utility bill is by choosing a fixed-rate plan with an enforceable contract term.

If you’re a savvy consumer you can shop for the lowest supply rates on the market through the PUC’s PA Power Switch program. This government-regulated website offers a wealth of information on energy deregulation in the state and an easy search tool for comparing different offers from suppliers.

While switching your electric supplier is a great option for saving money on your utility bill, you must understand that it will not change the quality or reliability of your electricity service. Your local utility will continue to handle all of your maintenance and power outage needs, even if you choose a different provider for your energy supply. This is true for all utilities across the state.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this issue, please contact your local utility directly. They will be happy to assist you. You may also visit the PUC’s PA Power Switch website for more information and resources about energy deregulation in the state of Pennsylvania. This website is the official shopping portal for PA residents, and offers a wealth of information on energy options in the state. PA Power Switch is free to use, and provides a variety of tools for consumers to find the right electricity plan for their home or business. You can use the search tool and compare offers from PA electricity suppliers based on location, price, plan terms and more.